6 thoughts on “RIP Super Devil

  1. I am so sad to see this. There is someone calling himself “Chest Brah” who has hijacked all Luke’s (MULELPI) pics and blogs and identity and is now masquerading as him. He uses the Yahoo email address Chest_Brah@yahoo.com and he also writes a blog at http://mule-mulesblog.blogspot.com/?zx=2ce4f397d6c56b88 at which site he has incorporated all Mule’s old blogs and Photos taken from his old Yahoo 360 site. He has also written new stuff purporting to be from Luke and it has avery gay flavour/character. The real Mule was an on-line friend and I am so angry about this.

    • Actually the real Luke “Mule” that you think you were following never had a blog… that was a stolen hacked profile where the guy from New Orleans had all Luke’s photos and was writing a blog. It was really funny stuff – I wish we had a copy of it.. but it was sadly not really Luke.

      • I’m still trying to find out how he died. I knew him online when he posted as MuleRPI, when he was still in CSU. I have gathered that he had killed his girlfriend and himself at Scooters Bar and Grill in Aurora. After reading his posts online again, and then reading his and his girlfriend’s (Angela Sheri Green) obituaries, I just felt very sad about the loss of two people. Whatever wrong done, may they both RIP.

      • I am an M.D. (Internist). Lifted for yrs before med sch. Am restarting my program (actually began a yr ago). Luke the Mule obviously loved wts & it shows. Beaut body; handsome guy. Getting that big sometimes requires some anabolic help +- GH, & alot of work. The associated mood ups can be as gratifying as the assoc mood downs can be despairing. I’m sad it led to something so drastic. God bless

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