Define the Word Devil

“What’s a devil?”

That’s something we get asked from time to time. Whether it’s “why does it say devil on your license plate?” or “why’d you leave the bar early?”. The answer, like anything interesting in life is: it depends.

Let’s start with the dictionary. I’m pretty sure we all know what Webster’s or the OED will say about the word so let’s check out the trusty ol’ Urban Dictionary. Hrmmm, not much help either. While looking up your last name in UD can be surprisingly revealing, in this case it’s all pretty standard anti-Christ stuff although the part about him being “…created by God in 1977 as an alternative to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury…” is interesting.

Whether or not a guy is a devil is first and foremost a visual thing. And, seeing how this is a photo blog, let’s define the word with pictures.

Devils are blond. Usually. Except when they aren’t. See dark devil or ginger devil for reference.

Devils are big. Usually big means muscle but sometimes it boarders on tubby. Don’t judge. A devil kid probably got called “husky”. Unlike hair color, there isn’t an exception to this rule. There is no such thing as a skinny devil. However, devils can be, and often are, short. They just have to be wide, too.

Devils are cute. Not much to explain here. Sometimes, being big and blond is enough, which is why this is third in the list.

Devils make you want to do bad things. This is the most important and it trumps everything else. It’s also why they’re called devils. If you find yourself putting your better judgment aside, you’ve got a devil.

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